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consider your body your built-in strength equipment.  if you are looking to mix up your exercise routine, take a look at your surroundings to see what other places and objects in your daily routine you can utilize.

these are the ‘stairmasters’ in my world that help keep my glutes toned.

(the indoor stairs are those on my journey up/down to @stralayoga and the ones outdoors are at the park across the street from my apartment!)

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catch the happiness, then pass it on

first determine your happiness,
then embrace it
and finally share it. 

you know you have found true happiness when it becomes contagious and it starts spreading to everyone around you.

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try this yummy, savory and sweet fruit salad for breakfast (lunch or a snack) that’s quick and easy:

1-diced avocado

1-sliced banana

2-sliced strawberries

a sprinkle of sea salt

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i made my own yoga shorts out of one of my favorite pairs of yoga pants – watch the video to see how i did it!

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i tend to my body just like i would a vintage car. my breath is the fuel, and my practice is my tune-up.

hillary rubin, an anusara yoga instructor, who is living fully even with multiple sclerosis.

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sutras are to yogis what sermons are to church-goers.  they are summaries that provide great insight and outlooks to living.

in the 5th yoga sutra,

vrttayah pancattayyah klistaklistah,

patanjali (aka the father of yoga) reminds us that once you get past all of the distractions – whether they are full of pain or pleasure – you can arrive at peace.

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by learning we will teach.
by teaching we will learn.

a latin proverb

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when in doubt, water it

water is an amazing substance.  it makes up 70% of our bodies, it quenches our thirst, it cleans us and offers relief from heat.  remember to to drink lots of it especially during these super hot, sticky summer days.

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